Our Initial Advice is Free

All our initial advice is free.  Consultations can take place over the phone or at a meeting.  We are happy to take the time to fully discuss the merits of your case.  In doing so we will provide information about the offence, the penalties, likely outcomes and all the options that might be available to you. We appreciate that this might take a few phone calls, but no fees will be incurred until you decide what you want to do.

In some cases the services of a lawyer are not required.  We are happy to offer advice and guidance to allow you to deal with the case yourself.

We pride ourselves in offering a service that is friendly, honest and reliable.  For free advice that is without pressure or obligation simply contact us on 0141 255 1519.

Fixed Fees

If you decide to instruct our firm we will arrange a fixed fee from the outset.  This will cover all advice and representation in your case.  Fees can be paid by instalments and are guaranteed regardless of how long your case takes to conclude.  We have found a fixed fee arrangement to be the preferred choice among our client, but an hourly rate can be arranged if required. For free advice about your case and legal fees call us on 0141 255 1519.

Insurance Cover & Legal Expenses Cover

In some cases our legal fees may be covered by your insurance policy. You should check the terms of both your motor and household insurance to see if Legal Expenses Cover is provided.  For further information on Legal Expenses Cover contact us on 0141 255 1519.
Please note – If your legal fees are covered by an insurance policy you are still entitled to choose a solicitor of your choice. Many insurance companies will try to appoint their own solicitors or a firm of their choice. These solicitors are not specialist road traffic lawyers.
You should insist on your right to instruct a specialist road traffic lawyer of your choice.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is available for some road traffic cases, but is subject to income and saving limits.  Other conditions also apply.  To find out if you are eligible contact us on 0141 255 1519