The Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995

All new drivers are subject to a probationary period of 2 years from the date that they pass their full driving test. 

Revocation of Driving Licence

The main effect of the law in this area is to impose a probationary period of 2 years after the full driving test is passed.  If a new driver accumulates 6 or more points during this time their licence will be revoked.

Penalty points are calculated from Date of Offence to Date of Offence.  This means that revocation can still take place even after the probationary period has lapsed so long as the offence occurred within the probationary period. 

Penalty points are valid for a period of three years.  Any live points endorsed on a provisional licence are carried over onto the full licence and will count towards revocation should further points be imposed.  Only a full driving licence can be revoked.  A provisional licence cannot be revoked.

Consequences of Revocation

The effect of revocation is immediate.  A person is no longer entitled to drive and a licence will not be reinstated until he re-sits the full test.  This means the person reverts back to the status of a learner and must firstly re-apply for a provisional driving licence.  He remains subject to the terms of a provisional licence until such time as he passes both the theory and practical tests.  On passing the test a full driving licence will be re-issued, but the points that led to revocation will remain until their third anniversary.

Procedure for Revocation

Revocation is not an order of the court.  It is an administrative process undertaken by DVLA once they have been notified that 6 or more points have been endorsed on a new licence.  Clearly there may be a time lag in between endorsement and notification to DVLA.  In practice, DVLA will write out to a new driver giving notice of revocation.   There is no time limit from when a person can then re-apply for their licence and re-sit the test. 

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