“Following an incident in 2013 I was charged with driving without insurance in a company car. Not realising my apparent legal responsibilites I wasn’t willing to accept a potential court trial, driving licence points and maybe even a ban – so I contacted Dominic for help and advice.
Dominic’s patience with me and an often daunting (and somewhat overly complicated) law system was immeasurable. He explained quirks of the system in plain English and didn’t try to either dull down the implications had I been found guilty nor sensationalise his hard work behind the scenes.
With very precise information, experience and knowledge Dominic knew exactly how to make sure my case was dealt with swiftly and without stress to me.
In the end, I was found not guilty and received no fines or licence points – without Dominic’s help I know, without doubt, that my case would have had a very different verdict.
This testimonial is a very small way to say a very big thank you.”