“…I would not have any hesitation in recommending your services as a solicitor…I have found you to be informative, knowledgeable, efficient, very personable and professional and with a mystical insight on what was about to occur, with each case considered on its own merits, no matter how trite, or creative. Your accurate prediction of each development, and advice on when to tilt and when to withdraw has, more often than not, resulted in an outcome better that could have been expected.
In more specialised fields of legal wrangle your advice and quality of specialised solicitor provided was equally as impressive with a good depth of knowledge demonstrated and, again, sound advice administered.
Your case research has always been thorough prior to going to court and during complex court proceedings your negotiating skills have been excellent.
I can categorically confirm that I would have no hesiation in recommending, to anyone, that their interests would be better served by engaging Dominic Sellar as their legal representation.”